George HITCHCOCK (Artist) ✿

George Hitchcock (1850-1913) was an American painter, born in Providence, Rhode Island. A graduate of Harvard and Brown, he pursued an unsuccessful law career before leaving America at 29 to study art at the Paris Academie Julian under Gustave Boulanger and Jules-Joseph Lefebvre. In 1880, he moved to the Netherlands, remaining there for the rest of his life.
As an artist, George Hitchcock was influenced by the Impressionists. His renowned La Culture des Tulipes, with it's extraordinary light effects, helped get him the name of the painter of sunlight. From 1890 to 1905, Hitchcock kept a studio in Northern Holland and welcomed artists to his Art Summer School program, informally recognized as the Egmondse School. In addition to Hitchcock's figural paintings for sale, which often depicted peasant women in traditional dress, he created paintings of rural scenes and religious subjects.

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