Giuseppe CAVASANTI (1895-1980) ✿

Giuseppe Cavasanti (Alessandria, 1895 - Savona, 1980) Italian painter. Coming from a noble family, he attended the Albertina Academy in Turin with profit, under the guidance of Giacomo Grosso.

In the first decades of the twentieth century he went with his family on holiday to Alassio and Laigueglia where, in 1926, he met his future wife. Starting from 1927 he stayed alternately between Genoa, Albenga and Laigueglia. Painter of various subjects, he executed landscapes, seascapes, still lifes and female portraits with equal mastery. Especially the latter represent the artist in the most complete way; mindful of Giacomo Grosso's lesson, he expresses his utmost creativity.
Also recognizable is a certain closeness to the Florentine painter Spadini. He participates in numerous exhibitions both in Italy and abroad. We recall those set up by the Ca 'd'Oro Sant'Andrea group of artists, from 1955 onwards. There are also numerous personal exhibitions in important galleries and in numerous public and private collections in Italy, Switzerland and Germany.
Giuseppe Cavasanti developed considerable experience, also in the creation of Monotypes, an oil painting technique, performed on a crystal plate, on which a specially prepared sheet of paper is applied. In the end the image is shown on the paper with a result of considerable brilliance similar to watercolor or tempera. Also in this technique Cavasanti achieved excellent results, also exhibiting in Turin in the art room of Piazza Castello (about forty works).

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