Vittorio GUSSONI ✿

Vittorio Gussoni (1893-1968) was a Italian painter. He comes from a family of artists and learned the first elements of drawing from his father, then at the Brera Academy he was a pupil of Cesare Tallone, before the war and of Ambrogio Alciati afterwards. He exhibited for the first time at the Brera Biennale in 1922 and was immediately appointed honorary member of that Academy.
A complete artist, he does not shy away from dealing with landscapes, animals, still lifes with ease, but he must however be considered more especially a figure painter. Many of his portraits and other paintings are in private galleries. Some works: "Spagnola", exhibited in 1922 at the Artistic Family of Milan; "Mantilla", exhibited at the Milanese Permanente in 1923; "Mammina"; "Woman's head"; "Model at rest"; "Red stocking"; "Self-portrait".

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