Lev TCHISTOVSKY (1902-1969) ✿

Lev TCHISTOVSKY - Лев Чистовский born in 1902 in Pskov, Russia. Died in Cenevieres, France in 1969.
Laureate in 1924 of the Fine Arts Academy of Leningrad with Savinsky and Eberling as professors, he left the Soviet Union in 1925.

The Young Widow ~ La Fontaine's Fables ✿

- The Young Widow is a fable of Italian origin, made famous by being included in La Fontaine's Fables (VI.21). The fable originally appeared in Laurentius Abstemius' collection of humorous fables, the Hecatomythium (1492).


Joo Seok Ju /Joseokju (조석주) 1951 è un pittore Coreano, che vive a Seoul da quando aveva 12 anni. Dipinge ad olio ed è ispirato dai principi di base adottati dai grandi impressionisti.

Kristan LE ✿

Kristan Le is a painter and  teacher in the Fine Arts department at Academy of Art University. She born in Saigon, Viet Nam. Kristan immigrated to the United States in 1975.

Phyllis DODD (1899-1995) ✿

Phyllis Dodd (1899-1995) British painter, was born in Chester and studied at the Liverpool School of Art before moving to the Royal College in London where her future husband Douglas Percy Bliss was also to study.

Marie Müller (1847-1935) ✿

Marie Müller (1847–1935) was an Austrian painter. Müller was born on 10 July 1847 in Vienna. She was the sister of Bertha Müller and Leopold Carl Müller.  She was known for portraits and miniatures.

Sergey SVIRIDOV, 1964 ✿

Sergey Sviridov (Сергей Свиридов) is a Russian painter was born in 1964 in the sunny Crimea in Simferopol. In 1987 the artist graduated from the Faculty of Painting and Graphics of the V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute.

Vlaho BUKOVAC (Croatia, 1855-1922) ✿

Vlaho Bukovac (1855-1922) or Biagio Fagioni was a Croatian painter and academic. His life and work were eclectic, for the artist pursued his career in a variety of locales and his style changed greatly over the course of that career.

Chiedo asilo al tuo cuore di Catherine La Rose

Chiedo asilo al tuo cuore
da reo d'Amore, confesso
chiedo scivolare a fiume
come un perdono
a prua ancorata
controvento al tuo nome
baciare brezza
imperlata al tuo sapore


Mary Cassatt (1844-1926) was an American painter and printmaker, who boldly rebelled against the expectations set for her as a woman in the 19th century and travelled to find her independence as a professional artist.

William Merritt CHASE (1849-1916) ~ Kimono 2 ✿

William Merritt Chase (1849-1916) è stato un pittore americano, noto come esponente dell'Impressionismo e come insegnante. È anche responsabile della creazione della Chase School, che in seguito sarebbe diventata la Parsons School of Design. Chase ha funzionato su tutti i media. Conosceva molto bene la pittura a olio e il pastello, ma creava anche acquerelli e acqueforti

Michael BERGT ✿

Michael Bergt (b.1956) is an American artist living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, figurative painter/sculptor. Self-taught artist began as a watercolor pattern painter, and eventually emerged as an accomplished sculptor and egg-tempera artist in the style of Paul Cadmus. Bergt approached Cadmus in the early 1980s to learn more about the egg-tempera medium and eventually forged a strong friendship with the legendary master.


Pedro Antonio Martínez Expósito (Almería, 1886 - Rio de Janeiro, 1965), meglio conosciuto come il “pittore Pedro Antonio” era un pittore spagnolo nominato maestro della ritrattistica.