Sergey SVIRIDOV, 1964 ✿

Sergey Sviridov (Сергей Свиридов) is a Russian painter was born in 1964 in the sunny Crimea in Simferopol. In 1987 the artist graduated from the Faculty of Painting and Graphics of the V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute.
Prior to that, Sergey studied and successfully graduated from the Simferopol School of Fine Arts. A native of the southern area, Sviridov paints wonderful marine landscapes, brilliant portraits and juicy still lifes. He showed great interest in the special colors of the southern Mediterranean coast.

As an artist Sviridov was able to create a unique style, combining shadows and light. These contrasts allowed to create paintings filled with lively charm of southern nature, reflect the unique flavor of seascapes and portraits.
The greatest influence on the formation of a unique author’s style had a familiarity with the famous landscape painter Afanasiy Sukhinin. Sviridov participates in many international and Russian exhibitions.

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