The Young Widow ~ La Fontaine's Fables ✿

- The Young Widow is a fable of Italian origin, made famous by being included in La Fontaine's Fables (VI.21). The fable originally appeared in Laurentius Abstemius' collection of humorous fables, the Hecatomythium (1492).


 There was a woman, still young, whose husband was dying, and her father consoled her, saying, "Don't get so upset, daughter, for I have found you another man, more handsome than that one by far, who will easily soften your longing for your former husband." But the woman, chafing at her grief, like someone pursuing her husband out of burning love, not only refused to listen to her father's words but even denounced him for the untimely mention of another husband. But when she saw that her husband was deceased, amidst the tears and grieving, she asked her father whether that young man was there, whom he had said he wanted her to marry.

The Young Widow, 1869 by Albert Anatole Martin Ernest LAMBRON DES PILTIERES (French, b. 1836)

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