Jean Richard GOUBIE (1842-1899) ✿

Jean Richard GOUBIE (Paris, 1842 - Paris, 1899) was a French animal and landscape painter, pupil of Jean Léon GEROME at the School of Fine Arts in Paris, GOUBIE took part in the Paris Salon from 1869 to 1893, obtaining a medal of third class in 1874.
Goubie has become famous for his animal works, especially those depicting horses described with meticulous, quasi-anatomical observation and mounted by elegant horsemen or amazons of the aristocratic or bourgeois world.
Goubie was also very popular with the American clientele probably thanks to the GOUPILS. For example, his painting exhibited at the Salon of 1872 and titled Le prix de chasse was made for James H. STEBBINS of New York. The painting is today at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. A second work, Chevaux et Personnages is also preserved in an American museum in Cincinnati.

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