Domenico MORELLI (Napoli 1823-1901) ~ Orientalist ✿

Domenico Morelli (Naples 1823-1901) was an Italian painter and politician. Considered one of the most important Italian artists of the second half of the nineteenth century, he was a senator of the Kingdom of Italy in the sixteenth legislature, he was the art master of Vincenzo Petrocelli.
From 1874 to about 1883, Domenico Morelli painted paintings having oriental scenes as subject, although he had never been in those places, thus entering the current of Italian orientalists who included painters such as Alberto Pasini, Roberto Guastalla, Federico Faruffini, Eugenio Zampighi, Pompeo Mariani , Giuseppe Molteni and others.
He was also one of the artists who collaborated on the illustrations of the Amsterdam Bible (1895) and, from 1899 until his death in 1901, he was director of the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. Among his many pupils are Vincenzo Bruzzese, Antonio Mancini, Giovanni Voltini, Domenico Russo, Ulisse Caputo and Gennaro Pardo, to whom we owe a posthumous portrait of the master.

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