Antoine CALBET (French, 1860-1944) ✿

Antoine Calbet (1860-1944) was a French painter and lithographer. Calbet was the son of Jean-Baptiste Calbet, a landowner in Gaubert, and of Marie Singlande. He was born in Combebonnet and completed his studies and his initial artistic training in Montpellier, where he learned to draw very well.
He was in fact an excellent draftsman and illustrator, but also a painter of portraits of sensual women and gallant scenes. From Montpellier he moved to Paris to complete his studies and was admitted to the École des beaux-arts in Paris, where he was a student in the ateliers of Alexandre Cabanel and Édouard-Antoine Marsal.
Calbet began exhibiting in 1880 and soon became a member of the "Society of French Artists", but what marked his life and his fortunes was being friends with his Lot-et-Garonne countryman Armand Fallières, who was President of the Republic. For him Calbet designed the menus of the various meals, which immediately made him known in all the main Parisian salons.

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