sapere cosa pensi
è quasi irraggiungibile
per i miei pensieri
anche se
non esiste
un solo mio sguardo
che non parli di te

~ Catherine La Rose©2021 ~
tratto da "Fantasie d'Amore"

Li Guijun (李貴君) is a Chinese Asian Modern e Contemporary painter who was born in Beijing in 1964. He was graduated from the affiliated middle school and the Oil Painting Department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts successively and received his M.F.A in 1995.

In 1985, painting “The 140 Studio” was featured in the International Young Artists' Exhibition held by the China National Museum of Fine Arts and won an award. Between 1985 and today his works have been featured in many national and international exhibition. Li Gui Jun’s work explores the dynamics of women in a photo realistic fashion. They are part of the new school of cynical Realism.&

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