Daniel KEYS ✿

American painter Daniel J. Keys was born in 1985, in Fresno CA. He started painting at the age of eleven using a paint set purchased with birthday money. It was later during his impressionable teenage years that Daniel discovered the work of Richard Schmid:
a master artist whose works he later began emulating in his own paintings. Since that time Daniel has had opportunity to paint with his mentor, and Mr. Schmid has become a sort of art adviser to him throughout their close friendship.
Daniel's work is now highly sought after by discerning collectors and hangs in many prominent collections throughout North America, Europe, and Russia. In addition to his art, he also teaches workshops that often draw students from around the world who seek out his esteemed instruction.

He has won numerous awards and his work has graced the covers of multiple magazines including Art of the West (twice), American Artist, American Art Collector, and the premier European art publication, Pratique des Arts, Awards Third Place in Figurative, Awards First Place in Still Life.

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