Pierre CARRIER-BELLEUSE (1851-1932) ~ Pierrot and the Dancer ✿

Pierre-Gérard Carrier-Belleuse (Parigi,1851- Parigi, 1932) è stato un pittore francese noto soprattutto come pittore delle ballerine dell'Opera.

Auguste LEROUX (1871-1954) ~ Ballet Dancer ✿

Jules Marie Auguste Leroux was a french painter and illustrator. Born in Paris in 1871 and he was a student of Bonnat. He won the Grand Prix de Rome in 1894.

Léon COMERRE (1850-1916) ~ Ballerina ✿

Léon François Comerre (1850-1916) was a French Orientalist Academic painter, famous for his portraits of beautiful women. Comerre was born in Trélon, in the Département du Nord, the son of a schoolteacher. He moved to Lille with his family in 1853. From an early age he showed an interest in art and became a student of Alphonse Colas at the École des Beaux-Arts in Lille, winning a gold medal in 1867.

Serge MARSHENNIKOV, pittore russo ✿

Serge Marshennikov/ Сергей Маршенников è un pittore russo di stile realista nato nel 1971 a Ufa (Bashkiria, URSS).

Virginie DEMONT-BRETON (1859-1935) ✿

Virginie Élodie Marie Thérèse Demont-Breton (1859-1935) was a French painter. Her father Jules Breton and her uncle Émile Breton were both well-known painters.

Edward Yakovlevich VYRZHIKOVSKY (1928-2008) ✿

Edward Yakovlevich Vyrzhikovsky/Эдвард Яковлевич Выржиковский Pittore sovietico russo, artista onorato della Federazione Russa, membro dell'Unione degli artisti di San Pietroburgo (fino al 1992 - Organizzazione di Leningrado dell'Unione degli artisti della RSFSR).

Margaret PRESTON (1875 -1963) ✿

Margaret Rose Preston (1875 -1963) was an Australian painter and printmaker who is regarded as one of Australia's leading modernists of the early 20th century.

Pierre CARRIER-BELLEUSE (1851-1932) ~ Ballet ✿

French painter Carrier-Belleuse was born in Paris, the son of the sculptor Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse and the brother of the painter Louis-Robert Carrier-Belleuse, he studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris

Delphin ENJOLRAS (1857-1945) ✿

Delphin Enjolras (1857 Coucouron –1945 Toulouse) was a French academic painter. Enjolras painted portraits, female figures, interiors, and used mostly watercolours, oil and pastels. He is best known for his portraits of young women performing mundane activities such as reading or sewing, often illuminated by lamplight or black lighting. Perhaps his most famous work is the "Young Woman Reading by a Window".

Catherine La Rose ~ Tra il sacro e profano del sorriso delle donne

Il sorriso delle donne
non è proprio un accento di cordialità
tra parentesi un lusso
o splendore di gestualità

Sherree Valentine Daines ~ Ballet ✿

Sherree Valentine Daines is a British impressionist painter known for her colourful paintings that capture the beauty of British life.

Victor NIZOVTSEV, 1965 ✿

Victor NIZOVTSEV (Виктор Низовцев), 1965 is a Russian-American masterful oil painter of theatrical figurative composition, fantasy, landscapes, and still life.While his professional art training occurred in Russia, as an artist Victor is a student of rich and diverse experiences. Inspiration for Victor’s art comes from all he sees and touches. It can be Greek mythology, Russian folklore, childhood memories, great Masters of the past, or routine daily life.


Vitaly Trubanov (Виталий Трубанов) is a Russian artist born in Moscow in 1979. He Studied painting at a school of Art. Your favourite theme of painting is wild flowers.

Jia LU 吕嘉 ✿

Jia Lu (吕嘉) is an figurative oil painter working in America, known for blending Asian and European imagery in her paintings, predominantly of women.

Fantasie d'Amore di Catherine La Rose

quanti pezzi di me
trattiene la tua mente
come averti
a mio piacere e discrezione
nei miei pensieri

Stephen GJERTSON ✿

Stephen Gjertson is an American Classical Realist painter born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 1949. He first attended general school and art college, then studied for four years, from 1971 to 1975, at the Atelier Lack, where he was the top student.

Albert BARTHOLOMÉ (1848-1928) ~ Scultura ✿

Paul Albert Auguste Bartholomé (1848-1928), scultore francese, è nato a Thiverval-Grignon (Yvelines). Inizia la carriera di pittore a Ginevra, poi si trasferisce a Parigi e si avvicina alla scultura solo nel 1886.

Albert BARTHOLOMÉ (1848-1928) ✿

Paul-Albert Bartholomé was a French painter and sculptor. He was born on 1848 in Thiverval-Grignon, Yvelines, France. He won the Grand Prize for sculpture at the Exposition Universelle in 1900. He exhibited paintings at the Salon from 1879 to 1886, but thereafter devoted his work to sculpture.

Leopold Carl MÜLLER (1834-1892) ✿

Leopold Carl MÜLLER (1834-1892) was an Austrian genre painter noted for his Orientalist works.

Eugene DE BLAAS (1843-1931) ✿

Eugenio de Blaas, noto anche come Eugen von Blaas o Eugene de Blaas (Albano Laziale, 1843 – Venezia, 1931), fu un pittore italo-austriaco del XIX e XX secolo.

Armand POINT (French, 1860-1932) ✿

Armand POINT (1860-1932) è stato un pittore, incisore e designer francese associato al movimento simbolista ed è stato uno dei fondatori del Salon de la Rose Croix.

Brent LYNCH ✿

Brent Lynch, is a Canadian artist known for his moving landscapes and his poetic figurative works that have gained him a reputation of visual storytelling.

Christina GINERIS ✿

Christina Gineris is a californian figurative artist, creative thinker, and marketer.

Christian DELOFFRE ~ Polynesian Woman ✿

Christian Deloffre is one of Tahiti's main artist, born in 1950 in Paris, France. His talent allows him to excel in watercolor, oil paintings and acrylics. His work will be recognized by being disseminated on telephone cards and stamps by the Post Office.

Christian DELOFFRE ✿

Christian DELOFFRE French painter was born in 1950 in Paris. Bernard Perrin, Professor of Sculpture at the Beaux Arts in Paris, teaches him drawing.

Diego DAYER (Argentine, 1978) ✿

Diego Dayer è un'artista plástico argentino, nato nel 1978 a Rafaela, provincia de Santa Fè. Inizia la sua arte nel laboratorio Marcela Grosso. Poi studia pittura alla Escuela de Arte de la Universitad Nacional de Cordoba. Partecipa a molte esposizioni collettive in Cordoba e Rafaela. Nel 2002 ha la sua prima mostra personale alla Cerrito Gallery di Cordoba.

Guillaume SEIGNAC (French, 1870-1924) ✿

Guillaume Seignac (1870-1924) è stato un pittore accademico francese. Iniziò la formazione all'Académie Julian di Parigi, dove trascorse dal 1889 al 1895. Aveva molti insegnanti lì, tra cui Gabriel Ferrier, William-Adolphe Bouguereau e Tony Robert-Fleury.

Marcos BECCARI ~ Watercolor ✿

Talented watercolour painter, drawing teacher and philosopher from Brazil, Marcos Beccari.

Hans DAHL (Norvegia, 1849-1937) ✿

Hans Dahl (Granvin, 1849-Balestrand, 1937) è stato un pittore norvegese, noto principalmente per i suoi paesaggi.

Paul TROUILLEBERT (1829-1900) ✿

Paul Désiré Trouillebert (1829-1900) was a famous French Barbizon School painter in the mid-nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries.

István SÁNDORFI (1948-2007) ✿

István Sándorfi, noto anche come Étienne Sandorfi (Budapest, 12 giugno 1948 – Parigi, 26 dicembre 2007), è stato un pittore ungherese naturalizzato francese, appartenente alla corrente iperrealista.

Jeremy WINBORG ✿

Jeremy Winborg, b. 1979, Salt Lake City, UT (United States). He is best known for his figurative work of Native American subjects that blend realism with abstract backgrounds. Winborg has had a passion for creating art since he was a child.

Alfred SEIFERT (1850-1901) ✿

Robert FINALE ✿

Cubano artista Robert Finale, è nato nel 1966 a Sagua la Grande, Cuba. Robert Finale è fuggito dalla nazione comunista con la sua famiglia alla tenera età di due anni per una vita di libertà e opportunità negli Stati Uniti.

Gianni STRINO (Napoli, 1953) ✿

'Dalla voce della luna fantastico nel limbo dei miei silenzi...'
~ Catherine La Rose©2021 ~

Charles E. CHAMBERS (1883-1941) ✿

American illustrator Charles Edward Chambers (1883-1941) most-known for his Chesterfield cigarettes advertisements and Steinway and Sons portraits that ran during the early 1900s.

Charles Edward CHAMBERS (1883-1941) ✿

Charles Edward Chambers (1883-1941) was an American illustrator and classical painter. He is most-known for his Chesterfield cigarettes advertisements and Steinway and Sons portraits that ran during the early 1900s.

Hamish BLAKELY ~ Angels ✿

This powerful collection voices questions about religion’s place in modern society through the depiction of angels who have been forsaken by humanity.

Feng CHIANGJIANG, chinese ✿

Feng Chiang-jiang (冯长江) is a chinese artist born in 1943. He is member of the Chinese Artists Association and the Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Association. He has also been the Dean of Shanxi Art Institute.

Francesca STRINO ✿

Francesca Strino Italian artist, from Naples born in 1979. Francesca Strino’s powerful paintings reflect the influence of her father, Maestro Gianni Strino.