Margaret PRESTON (1875 -1963) ✿

Margaret Rose Preston (1875 -1963) was an Australian painter and printmaker who is regarded as one of Australia's leading modernists of the early 20th century.
In her quest to foster an Australian "national art", she was also one of the first non-Indigenous Australian artists to use Aboriginal motifs in her work.
Her paintings, Preston’s woodcuts, linocuts, and monotypes show her capacity for Modernist innovation. Although she had experimented with etching while living in England, the best of her mature work was in woodcuts.
Preston created over 400 known prints, not all of which are documented and some of which are lost. The great majority of surviving prints feature Australian native flora as their subjects, a result of Preston’s desire to make uniquely Australian images.
Flowers such as the banksia, waratah, gum blossom and wheelflower offered Preston specimens for her radical, asymmetrical compositions.

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