Farid FADEL ✿

Farid Fadel ( فريد فاضل ) Egyptian artist was born in 1958 in Assuit, Upper Egypt, into a family noted for both its musicians and its doctors. Aside from his active social life, Fadel is a practicing ophthalmologist, a musician he has studied violin and piano as well as a singer. And let s not forget that he dabbles in art in his spare time.
In 1975, at the inauguration of Fadel’s fifth exhibition, the Egyptian parliament granted him a trip to Italy to see Renaissance art, which had a strong influence on his style. He is often described as a Renaissance man, referring partially to his stylistic tendencies but also to his various interests.
I used to be an ophthalmologist-artist, explains Fadel, but not anymore. These days, the artist dedicates more time to his sketchbooks and canvasses, spending time at his easel everyday.

In art, Fadel has gained considerable acclamation and has held 20 exhibitions. In 1973, Dr. Fadel was awarded the Pope s Medal and Vatican Award in an art contest with 50,000 participants from around the world. He has taken part in several group shows, both in Egypt and abroad, such as the People s Show in Portland, Maine, USA (1982), where he displayed 15 portraits.
His 14th solo exhibition was held at the Egyptian Cultural Center, Mayfair, London, 1989 and his 16th show was in the University of Toledo, Ohio, USA. Some of his portraits were used as covers for Egyptian magazines. One of his paintings was chosen as the back cover of the 1988 Nobel Prize Winner Naguib Mahfouz s brochure.
Described by some people as a true "Renaissance man"

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