Farid Fadel Hanna Murkus ✿

Artist Farid Fadel ( فريد فاضل ) is a talented Egyptian painter, he is also passionate doctor and a gifted musician, talk about multitasking. So it is only natural that his multi-layered character is reflected in his latest works, depicting the diversified, rich culture of people and places in Egypt.
Born in 1958 in Assiut, Fadel is often dubbed the Renaissance Man for his style in painting. Although he had studied medicine, Fadel was always interested in arts, specifically painting and drawings, and had a natural gift for it. And although he took arts professionally, he never gave up his career as an eye doctor, practicing ophthalmology now at the Memorial Institute of Ophthalmology.

He has become renowned in the world of arts and has been awarded the Pope’s Medal and the Vatican Award for a contest featuring 50,000 international contestants. He held over 34 solo exhibitions around the world, in Egypt, London, and the US, among others. Many of his portraits were renowned regionally and one of his paintings was chosen as a back cover for the brochure of 1988 Nobel Prize Winner, Naguib Mahfouz.

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