Sandra KUCK ~ Little Angels ✿

Sandra Kuck is an american portrait painter of Romantic Realism.
Sandra was born 1947 in East Liverpool (Ohio), USA and she attended University of California, Los Angeles and the Arts Students League, New York City.
She is five-time award winner, Artist of the Year, Association of Limited Edition Dealers (unprecedented in the 92 year history of limited editions) and selected "Woman of the Year", by the Council of Cerebral Palsy. She lives and maintains a studio in Boca Raton, Florida, where she paints art, prints and posters.
Sandra's painting career began over 30 years Her nostalgic settings and angelic children evoke memories and emotions of our childhood, and of our children.

Capturing the softness and innocence of a child's face with a talent collectors find irresistible has made Sandra Kuck's art, prints and posters some of the most collected of any living artists in America today.

 "My paintings are meant to be an escape from reality, an escape to the charm and romanticism of a Victorian era, rich in detail, pattern and decoration. I am interested in creating a peaceful mood through the subject matter, but also one that is visually exciting through the interplay of light and pattern and color."   ~ Sandra KUCK ~

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