Rosmery Mamani VENTURA ~ Pastel ✿

Rosmery Mamani Ventura is a Bolivian pastellist, born in Cajiata in 1985. Her work tends towards hyperrealism and her favorite subjects are the portraits of the indigenous Aymaras, her people, whose culture, beauty and sometimes the poverty.

She was trained at the School of Fine Arts in La Paz. She has exhibited several times in France and has taken part in the pastel festival in Feytiat (near Limoges), at the Salon de Saint-Florent and currently (April 2019) at the Art et Liberté exhibition in Charenton.
She is an exponent of the watercolor technique in Bolivia despite the fact that her favorite technique is pastel.
Her work is also developed with the techniques of oil and tempera and consists mainly of highly realistic portraits of Aymara and Afro-Bolivian people.

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