Susan RIOS ~ Summer Breeze ✿ Part.2

Amore è un faro sempre fisso
che sovrasta la tempesta e non vacilla mai.

~ W. Shakespeare ~

Susan Rios is an American Postwar Contemporary artist who was born in 1950 in Terre Haute, Indiana, Rios was raised and now resides in Los Angeles area. She won an art scholarship to California State University, Northridge. As a self taught artist, Susan's potential was apparent even as a child. Her love of the outdoors inspired her to begin drawing scenes from nature. ​Serene settings, gentle harmonies, soft, inviting rooms, lush, floral gardens, quiet seas that evoke tranquility – artist Susan Rios’ distinctive style is evident in every image she paints. We are drawn in by the love and peace depicted in each painting, uplifted both visually and emotionally. It is as if Susan has personally invited us into her private places, allowing us to linger there, partaking of the scene.

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