Igor LEVASHOV ~ Roses ✿ Part.2

Igor Levashov /Игорь Левашов is Russian Flower painter
born near Moscow in 1964, entered the School for Young Painters in 1997 and the world-famed Sourykoff Institute in Moscow in 1984. He finished his formal training at the Royal Academy of Modern Art in the Hague in 1996. In this age he discovered his love and passion for flowers. His detailed paintings are done in oil in a one-time-session. They were exhibited at the National State Galleries in Russia; Museum of the Hague, Holland; Private Art Gallery, Athens, Greece; International Flower Exhibition Center in Aalsmeer, Holland; Kunstpassage, The Hague, Holland. A number of Levashov’s paintings have been published as art prints in Europe and North America. They have also been popular on various licensed products.

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