Pascale CHOVE ✿

Maleddetta nostalgia
che non riesci
a strappartela via...

~ Catherine La Rose© ~

Tutta colpa dell'Amore
se...mezzo pieno
mezzo vuoto
fa sempre così
tanto rumore al cuore...

A glass
half full
or is it half empty
a costent thundering in the heart
The culpert must be love
Blame it all of love...

~ Catherine La Rose© ~

French artist Pascal Chôve’s paintings open us to a world where the picture’s magic spell delves below the simple form of he subject. The base of the paintings is resin on which the artist puts his various materials such as cardboard, netting or tissue. You can see several apparent plans, which vary between hazy and defined, backed by his highly elaborate use of light. In particular, light tends to shine from the high left to illuminate the main subject in the center, whereas the setting or background, on the other hand, is illuminated by a light that comes from the high right side. The beams of light thus cross each other, which gives the whole painting a great and beautiful power. Although he admits to being concerned by the modern aspects of life, he prefers to produce art where serenity is expressed with touching emotion in order to avoid the tragic aspect of life. we also have to admire his technique of garment folds and pleats that give a dynamic rhythm to his paintings.

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