Beau B. Frank ~ Surreal Juxtaposition of Landscapes and Portraits ✿

Certi fantasmi
e tempeste della mente
con le loro ossessioni
e crisi d'ansia
ti divorano sempre di più
i sogni
insabbiando ogni via di fuga
dalla realtà...

~ Catherine La Rose©2020 ~

Beau Bernier Frank is French American emerging artist 22-year-old and surrealist painter specializing in oil on wood panel portraits and landscapes. Currently working from his studio in the city of Pacific Grove, located on the California coast. Since graduating from high school in 2011, Beau has pursued a life of traveling and adventure, jumping back and forth between living in Italy, Spain, and the States.
Beau explain’s his work by saying, “The cohesive assembly of portraits are carefully designed with a strong attention to detail, composed with a lookbook appeal and executed in a tactical, graphic designer kind of way. Their gazes offer insight into their personalities and reveal an air of disconnectedness with an undercurrent of nostalgia––in other words, they seek to escape their reality, and to travel to those distant places painted across their faces. The various landscapes and dream-like destinations introduce bold colors and intertwine with the model’s identity.” - Beau B Frank -

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