Sergey Piskunov ✿

Sergey Piskunov is an hyperrealist Ukrainian artist, 1989that describes his artwork as a burst of emotion, forcing the artist to turn his soul inside-out and leave it on canvas.

Sergey dedicates himself to hyperrealism, a style that posses its own charm and character that reflects the inner-state of its creator. Despite having a true passion for drawing since childhood, he was drawn away from the creative path during his education in computer system engineering. On his third year, a close person to him gave him a brush and set of oil paints, a small gesture that suddenly reawakened his inner-desire to manifest himself through drawing.

Since then has become the embodiment of a free artist, guided by the prism of his own inspiration and talent, exposing his personality through his art to the outside world.
Sergey’s artwork has been showcased not only in the Ukraine but also in: Germany, Great Britain, USA, Switzerland and several other countries. He stands by the belief that: Art is a jealous entity that requires the artist to dedicate their entire being to it.

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