Sergey Piskunov ~ Underwater ✿

Ero illuminata
dalle prime luci dell’alba
ed ora nella discesa
in un mistico preludio
mi sento avvolgere

~ Catherine La Rose© ~
da "Tra te e il mare"

Mi capita a volte
immaginarmi in fondo al mare
in altra forma danzare
e di ventagli umidi

~ Catherine La Rose© ~
da "Tra te e il mare"

Sergey Piskunov is an hyperrealist Ukrainian artist, 1989 that describes his artwork as a burst of emotion, forcing the artist to turn his soul inside-out and leave it on canvas. Sergey dedicates himself to hyperrealism, a style that posses its own charm and character that reflects the inner-state of its creator. Sergey’s artwork has been showcased not only in the Ukraine but also in: Germany, Great Britain, USA, Switzerland and several other countries. He stands by the belief that: Art is a jealous entity that requires the artist to dedicate their entire being to it.

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