Endre Penovác ✿

Serbian watercolor painter Endre Penovác (Эндре Пеновак) was born in Tornjoš in 1956. He finished Academy of fine arts in Novi Sad. He works as an independent artist. He started to display in 1981, and since that time, he make group or independent exhibits in country and abroad, Croatia, Germany, France, Hungary, Bosnia. Endre Penovác lives in Bačka Topola.

Self-portrait, 1993, pencil
Endre Penovác has a Master of Fine Art (Academy of Art, Novi Sad, Serbia). His works in watercolor are ethereal and seem rather ghostly some of them mix ink and and watercolor. His watercolor and ink cats have garnered alot of attention. Endre’s drawings and his oil color paintings are equally lovely. His artworks are represented in private collections in Japan, USA, Hong Kong, Germany, China, Taiwan, UK, Australia, Norway, Finland, Hungary, Serbia. He is a member of The Association of Hungarian Fine Artists and The Association of Fine Artists of Serbia.

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