Bruce WOLFE ✿

Bruce Wolfe (American, b.1941) is a master of the arts who specializes in life-sized bronze sculpture, bronze busts, figurative art, painting, illustration and drawing.

Bruce Wolfe is also credited with creating a theatrical poster for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Bruce Wolfe’s career in sculpture spans forty years of receiving commissions to do busts and figurative portraits of many notable personalities.
A native Californian, having resided in Northern California nearly all his life, Wolfe studied at the San Jose State University and the San Francisco Art Institute. Adept in oils as well as lost-wax bronze, he has received commissions to do portraits of many notable figures. Wolfe has earned numerous honors for his work, including a Clio, an Endowment of Arts Federal Achievement Award, First Place at the Art of the Portrait Conference 2001, a Joseph Henniger Award, a Zellerbach Award, and a Foster Kleiser Award.

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