Louise JOPLING (1843-1933) ✿

Louise Jane Jopling (1843-1933) was an English painter and poet. Writer, painter, actress, one of the most versatile artists of the Victorian era. After 1860 he studied in Paris with Charles Joshua Chaplin and Alfred Stevens. In 1874 he married Joseph Middleton Joplin.

When Oscar Wilde was in London he met Jopling, and participated in his meetings where his bickering with James McNeill Whistlerg was famous. His painting "Five O'Clock Tea" the afternoon tea was sold for 400 ₤ in 1874. He participated in international exhibitions such as the one in Philadelphia in 1876, and Paris in 1878. He published a book about art, and an autobiography, Twenty Years of My Life. But also many verses of poetry. She has also been involved in other activities, very committed to the cause of feminism.

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