Lev TCHISTOVSKY (1902-1969) ✿ part.3

Lev TCHISTOVSKY - Лев Чистовский born in 1902 in Pskov, Russia. Died in Cenevieres, France in 1969. Laureate in 1924 of the Fine Arts Academy of Leningrad with Savinsky and Eberling as professors, he left the Soviet Union in 1925. He studied two years at the R .Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome where he met lrene Klestova who was also studying there. She became his companion until his death. They came both to Paris in 1926, settled there and worked together. Tchistovsky kept out of all the pictorial trends appearing in the twenties between Montparnasse and Montmartre. The art historian Lukomsky called him an authentic resistant of the classical painting.

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