Jean Alphonse ROEHN (1799-1864) ✿

Jean Alphonse Roehn (1799-1864) was a French painter who was born, worked and died in Paris. He was the son of a successful genre painter Adolphe-Eugène-Gabriel Roehn (1780-1867) who was his first teacher.
Jean Alphonse left his father's studio at age fourteen to study at the École des Beaux Arts, working in particular with artists Jean-Baptiste Regnault and Antoine-Jean Gros.
Roehn's early efforts were full of youthful ambition for grand religious themes, but after about 1827 he abandoned this type of work and, like his father, devoted himself to genre and portraiture, with the occasional small-scale history painting thrown in for good measure.
He exhibited regularly at the yearly Salon, and these works were almost exclusively pieces drawn from everyday life, for which he had an obvious talent.

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