'Nel mal d'Amore
corro confusa
e mentre infrango le curve
e lascio canti e salive d'Amore
aspetto come un diamante
gli albori del mio scrigno...
Aspetterò la neve sciogliersi
di mirarmi nel ciel novizio
dei suoi occhi
e nell'azzurro infinito
volteggerò cantando mal d'Amore'

Catherine La Rose©2008
tratto da "Il mal d'Amore"

Founder Of Symmetrism Oil Painting
Author Of "The Declaration of Symmetrism Art"
Master Of Oil Painting Technique
Lu JianJun, such is the name of the creator of Symmetrim Art. He was born in 1960 beside West Lake, a natural spectacle located in Hangzhou city of Zhejiang province, China. 1960 is a year plagued by natural disasters spanning over a three-year period, which consequently led to a great famine that killed off a third of the population of China. Hunger overtook the desperate survivors who resorted to eating tree barks and grass. Therefore, Lu’s survival was regarded by many as a God-given miracle, considering that numerous others did not make it.
In Lu JianJun, China has produced an artist of imagination, a man with a distinctive and unquestionable mastery of his materials and a palpable insight into the human condition. This eventually led to a degree at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and finally a position as a professor at Shandong Academy of Painting. The level of technical training in traditional media and materials he received in China would have been virtually inaccessible (or simply impossible) in the West. The discipline, focus and intensity of such training is often compared to late 19th century Russian academicism. Professor Lu, for example, has an impressive familiarity with Russian academic figures such as Ilya Repin and his contemporaries. Professor Lu's paintings have been exhibited and awarded prizes in numerous Chinese and foreign art shows (France, Germany, Japan, etc.) and have found their way simply by word of mouth into some of America's most significant private collections. Reproductions of his artwork have been published in newspapers and periodicals such as Chinese Oil Painting, Fine Arts, People's Daily, China Daily, Beijing Evening News, American Overseas Chinese Daily, Art News, and many others.

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