✿ Hsin Yao TSENG ✿

fait tomber la neige l'Amour...
C'era la neve ricordo...
e tu come una coccinella
mi chiudesti nel tuo mantello
mentre una pernice bianca
ci accompagnò con il suo canto
fino all'alba...'

~ Catherine la Rose ~

' L'amour L'Amour fait tomber la neige L'Amour ...
There was snow remember ... and you as a ladybug I closed in your mantle while a grouse escorted us with her singing until dawn ... ' ~ Catherine la Rose ~

La poesia,
la mia galera,
la mia follia,
la spazzola musicale
degli ansimi
ed orgasmi
dei miei pensieri....

in una folata di vento
c'é una bufera da sbrogliare......

C. La Rose
questa notte...20 Febbraio 2014

'Sono in maltempo
in attesa di lacrime temporali
che qualcuno mi salvi
anche una mano con le ali
sollevarmi dal suolo del dolore
e buttarmi tra le braccia del sole...'

~ Catherine la Rose ~

Hsin-Yao Tseng was born in Taipei Taiwan in 1986. He was born to be an artist. At the age of ten, he began painting in watercolors, as well as other mediums. This activity at such an early age was self-inspired and self-taught. It gave Hsin-Yao insights into the foundation he would need to excel in producing work to the standards he expected.
He received his B.F.A of Fine Art Painting from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco in 2009. The subjects he chooses to explore include landscapes, the figure and still-life using bright color and expressive brush-strokes. The word "explore" is chosen purposely to describe Hsin-Yao's artistic drive and evolution as a fine artist. He will experiment with technique using his medium to accentuate the intrinsic personality of his subjects and themes. An urban scene will be expressed in a more organic, edgey manner causing him to use his medium in a bit more aggressive and spontaneous fashion, while painting figure requires a more gentle and cautious hand.
Tseng made top finalists at the Art Renewal Center 2008/2009 Salon, top 50 in the 2009 Salon International at Greenhouse Gallery, earned Second Place in The Artist’s Magazine’s 25th annual contest- Portrait/Figure, and Third Place in the International Artist Magazine (June/July 2008). Hsin-Yao is consciously on a mission and it shows in his work. His dedication and passion to break artistic barriers in his painting are apparent when approaching a collection of his paintings wherever they are exhibited.

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  1. ¿Què decir?... como ante el viento o como ante la lluvia o como ante el trueno... ¿què decir?... belleza y màs belleza, ante ella ¿que màs que el silencio?... la palabra siempre es breve y corta.

  2. Questo blog è stupendo!!! Isola di colori, parole,amore... baci LIETTA


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