;'Dall'alba dell'ultimo giorno con te
suono un epilogo d'Amore
che sembra
per il mio archetto
durare un'eternità...
dell'ultimo giorno con te

~ Catherine La Rose ~

'Dammi solo
una nota
un accordo ancora
papiro al miele due righe
e sinuosa corda di violino
a suonarti
d'umide dita
rapsodia di palpiti...'

~ Catherine La Rose ~

Born in Mowbray, Cape Town, in 1941
John Neil Rodger is a talented and versatile artist working both as a painter and sculptor.
His sculpture is usually of women and the medium is bronze, wood or ivory.
He paints landscapes  on canvas mainly in two categories: realistic  Eastern Cape landscapes where he lives; and vivid surreal scenes, made up from his imagination.
Others are rural settings, or architectural dreamscapes, typically with the female form in the front or background. He also magnificently portrays farm animals like bulls, pigs, horses, sheep and dogs.
He is also one of the country's best portraitists and spends time each year abroad painting commissions in the UK, Europe and America. His portraits have a remarkable likeness of the subject and also convey the character of the person through the fictitious setting, clothing and jewellery.

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