✿ Wang NIANDONG 王念东 ✿

Wang Niandong 王念东 was born in 1978 in Sichuan Province, China. He studied at Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing and finished his graduate study at Sichuan Fine Art Institute in 2002. Wang currently teaches at Sichuan Fine Art Institute.
Wang was from a very traditional and cultured family. His grandfather was a doctor, as well as a scholar and artist. This reflects in his bearing and his approach to life and art. In the meantime, he is also an energetic 29 year old man who loves American rock music, Hollywood movies, wine and travel.
His work appears to be meticulously executed realism, but the meaning and message go far beyond. His underwater series depicts the conflict between dream and reality; the butterfly series contemplates transformation. Under those breathtakingly beautiful canvasses, there is almost always a hint of darkness and sentiment, but at the same time plenty of hope and life’s strongest desire…

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