✿ Pal FRIED (1893-1976) ✿

Pál Fried was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1893. He first studied under Hugo Pohl at the Hungarian Academy, later moving to Paris to train under Lucien Simone at the Acad'e Julien and with Claude Monet. Hugo Pohl is credited with Pal Fried's concentration of many portraits, nudes and Oriental scenes in pastel. Pal Fried primary three areas of painting was in ballerinas, nudes, and Parisian street scenes. The painting range did tend to also include horse racing, landscapes, and seascapes.

In 1947, Fried moved to the United States to teach at the Academy of Arts in New York. He became a popular society portraitist, a status he maintained during the times he lived in Hollywood, California. Amongst his subjects were the Gabor sisters and Marilyn Monroe. His works are often signed Fried Pal (simply his last name first). Pal Fried died in New York in 1976.

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