✿ Kimberly HOWLAND ✿

Tutt'uno ora
è tutto più facile
senza doverti gridare
solo in silenzio
quanto ti desidero
e quanto T'Amo...

~ Catherine La Rose©2012 ~

Born in San Francisco, Kimberly HOWLAND was raised in the small town of Occidental in Northern California. Her birth heritage is Chinese, American Indian, and Irish. She lives and works in Mendocino county and her gallery, located in Boonville, California, is open by appointment. Her work is currently being shown throughout the greater Bay area and Southern California.
Kimberly’s art always conveys a sense of sacred mystery. She says that she is inspired by ancient sculpture. This old world quality is carried further by the beautiful varnish finishes on Kimberly’s paintings. The uniquely crackled surfaces are distinctive of all the paintings we have scanned for Kimberly. She is often asked how she creates the distressed finishes. She told me that she never tells, but that part of the process does include leaving her canvases outside exposed to changing temperatures.
Kimberly lives and works in Mendocino county and her gallery is in Yorkville, CA.

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