'Dona a me
tutto il piccante
sapore di brama
ubriacarmi il palato
intingolo d'indice
per le mie labbra
al peccato...'

~ Catherine La Rose ~

Ewelina Ładzińska was born in Poland, is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts. Painting becomes a pretext for the creative process, women in the case of Ewelina Ładzińskiej are the epitome of the elements, trying to harness the seemingly opposite colors are included in the amazing coherent whole feminine features. The artist can show the inside of their models, using the expression, which can be read in each line left to stain or color. Suspended somewhere between abstraction and chaotic perception, touch, gaze, and the individual characteristics of the concrete, unambiguous assessment of escape. Just as the elements, combine in a vibrant cycle of continuous change, based on the contrast, the same Ładzińskiej pastels, have a common trait, though they were soft river of abstract forms, fighting among themselves, biters, from which emerges each time a new full emotional character.

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