✿ Josep BAQUÉS ✿

Born in 1931 near Barcelona Spain, Spanish surrealist artist, Josep Baqués, was drawn to the artistic lifestyle by his childhood surroundings.  Direct contact with nature – the earth and its fruits – embedded a deep longing that drove him towards artistic expression in order for him to match the beauty in which he dwelled.
Baqués has been compared to some of Spain’s masters, particularly Salvador Dalí & Pablo Picasso.  Dalí, one of the leading masters of Surrealism, created imaginary universes rooted in reality, very similar to the inventive universes of Baqués.  Picasso, a founder of Cubism, defined his new style with overlapping images to form a seemingly multi-dimensional depiction.  Baqués uses this theme of overlapping to create the basis of his style, which creates several layers of figures and objects within the frame.
Baqués is also deeply inspired by the architectural works of Antoni Gaudí (1852 – 1926), a Catalan architect who created stunning buildings during the Art Nouveau period. Seen in his painted structures are the unique curving walls and angles incorporated into the architecture of Gaudí, who drew inspiration from nature.
When constructing his art, Baqués begins with a simple pencil sketch in which he sets the scene for his elaborate, boldly colored paintings. Recreating the sketch onto artist canvas or board, grayed shadows turn into deep reds and vibrant blues through his talented eye.

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