Sei ardore dentro di me lingue di fuoco
e mi divampano...
Sei mani, sei piedi
sei corpo e mente rovente
che mi frugano come un pazzo...
E... prima
che mi tormenti
con quelle labbra
sono gia' tua
morbida e lirica
nascosta tra le fiamme...

tratto da "Segreto" di ~ Catherine La Rose

I was born in Leipzig in 1963, Germany. In 1980 I started drawing with pencil and paper, and then learned to paint with oils. Never having agreed with the method of art education in school, all my techniques in the application of art materials were self-taught. Being interested in all that encompasses art and design I decided to investigate computer art. In January 2000 my first formal education in multimedia design was completed, enabling me to pursue a career in the digital arts. The strongest social critical period of my work was from 1980 until 1989, the years that I lived in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Many turbulent surrealistic paintings were produced which contained images critical of the government at that time. Deciding to express my unrest with the current social/governmental situation I put caution aside and produced several exhibitions of my artwork. My hope being to wake the people up and to bring about change. The GDR showed no tolerance and in October of 1989 I was told to leave the country or go to prison. I moved from East Berlin. Living and working in Tuebingen, South Germany, Italy and back to Berlin from 1989 to 1992 my education in the arts grew. Gradually the aggressive attitude in my paintings transitioned to more peaceful topics and my understanding of art techniques expanded.

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