Christian GAILLARD ✿

Christian Gaillard was born in Avignon France 1951 and began his career as an illustrator, in 1973. He has worked for some of France’s most prestigious advertising agencies and his work has graced the covers of many prominent magazines. In 1982 Gaillard was awarded "Illustrator of the Year" by Mecanorma (The Academy of Graphic Design). He has also received numerous honours including Award Winner at the invitation-only Salon de la Marine Exhibition. In 2002 he was commission by Paris Fire Service to paint a portrait entitled "Profile of Courage" in memory of the fire fighters who perished in the terrorists attacks on September 11th which was presented to the Fire Department of New York City, under the authority of the President of France.
Gaillard has exhibited all over the world and his paintings are in numerous public and private collections. He is especially famous for his portraits, amazing his audience with his extraordinary technique. His realist style vigorously conveys the passion of his subject particularly in his graceful paintings of women. His work is powerful yet delicate and he infuses every piece of work with life and drama.

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