✿ Carl BouMansour ✿

'La mia unica colpa
la fiamma
che arde...
la passione...'

~ Catherine La Rose ~

Carl BouMansour born in 1976 a Luton(UK),initially studied biochemistry and has worked as an illustrator, and a portrait painter, as well as painting cityscapes for a small corporate client base. Continually questioning, BouMansour explores what it means to be alive with his powerful paintings of the human physique. His biological studies add a depth of understanding to the human figures that are prevalent in his work. From originally studying biochemistry to fine art, BouMansour has tried many forms of self-expression.He organised the TURF Art Music Film Festival in Luton in 2002, ran anatomy and life-drawing workshops, and even produced drawings for and portrayed war artist Albert Richards in BBC TV’s Docu-drama ‘D-Day’. But to painter Carl BouMansour these are all forms of exploring the human experience. Now, however, he feels he has found his niche concentrating on figurative paintings in acrylics.His images primarily illustrate modern ideals of beauty, though social and personal commentaries are also made using a delicate language of symbols. However, intellectual content does not over-ride the evocation of poetic mood.His works are in private and corporate collections around the world, and a selection are available as limited and open edition prints.

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