Tatyana DERIY ✿

Tatyana Deriy (Татьяна Дерий) was born in 1973 Moscow, Russia
Tatiana Deriy is a dynamically growing painter, whose major creative goal is comprehension of unity of the world's esthetic beauty and its profound meaning as well as rendering them to viewers through painting.
The painter's biography is unusual and expressive and so is her creative work. Born in a wonderful part of Moscow region, not far from ''Archangelskoye'' estate full of creations of famous architects and sculptors, refinement of palace parks and canvases by Veroneze and Tintoretto, at an early age she developed special world outlook which later on defined the tenor of her work, based on the sense of harmony and beauty.
Comprehending the secrets of mastery of great painters of the past became her primary objective.
In 1985 she entered Moscow Art College (now Moscow Academic Lyceum named after Tomsky) a hors concurs, graduated from it, which enabled her to continue education in Moscow State Academic Institute named after V.Surikov. In 1999 Tatiana got a diploma and a title of a painter.
Paying great attention to portraits, her creative activity includes a notion ''an interior painting''. Developed from the images of landscapes, still-lives and portraits, it combines their main features. One can find well through out colouring, visual sensation of space and keen administration of objects here.
1991 - Graduated Moscow College attached to Russian Academy of Art
1999 - graduated Surikov Art Institute
1995 - Member of International Federation of Artists (UNESCO)
2001 - Member of Moscow Union of Artists

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