Josef LIECK ✿

Joseph Lieck (Aachen, 1849 - Berlin, 1904) was a German artist.  He was a Prussian, and a graduate of the Berlin Academy, and has been especially successful in his delineation of the softer and more tender types of feminine beauty. Joseph Lieck is known for Female portrait, figure painting.

From 1867 he successfully attended the Akademie der Künste in Berlin. His teacher was Julius Schrader.  For his further education Lieck went on study trips in Italy.  Josef Lieck was a member of the Berliner Ortsverein der Allgemeine Deutsche Kunstgenossenschaft, the umbrella organization of all German-speaking artists' associations.

The best-known work was the Mosel-flower, which he painted in 1886, and exhibited at the Jubilee exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts in Berlin in the State Exhibition Building from May to October 1886.

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