Joseph Désiré COURT ✿

Joseph-Désiré Court (14 September 1797, Rouen – 23 January 1865, Paris) was a French portrait painter of historical subjects. He was a descendant of the portrait painter, Hyacinthe Rigaud, and displayed an early interest in art. His first studies were with Marc-Antoine Descamps, at a drawing school established by Descamps' father, Jean-Baptiste. Following that, he worked at the studios of Antoine-Jean Gros in Paris.

In 1828, the Académie de Rouen named him a corresponding member, and commissioned a large painting for their new meeting room. Although their request was for an easel painting only, he produced a monumental canvas depicting the playwright Corneille, receiving honors from the nobility after the premiere of his tragedy, Cinna. Court was presented with a gold medal in gratitude. He had been the recipient of numerous honors, including the Legion of Honor in 1838.

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