Ramon CASAS ✿

Ramón Casas i Carbó (Barcelona, 4 January 1866 – Barcelona, 29 February 1932) was a Spanish painter, famous for his portraits and caricatures of the high society of Barcelona, Madrid and Paris. He also became famous for his paintings on social revolts. He was also a graphic designer and poster designer, means with which he spread the modernist movement.

In 1881 he went to Paris where he attended the Carolus Duran Academy and the Gervex Academy. The following year he exhibited some works in Barcelona, but it was in 1883 that a self-portrait of himself exhibited in Paris earned him an invitation as a member of the salon of the Société des Artists.

In Paris, he becomes friends with Eugène Carrière, Ignacio Zuloaga and Santiago Rusiñol. He collaborated with the latter by illustrating some of his publications and in Paris they exhibited at the Sala Parés in 1890 together with the sculptor Enric Clarasó. He participated in the Paris Universal Exposition of 1900, received recognition in Munich, exhibited in Buenos Aires and in Barcelona, since 1902 his paintings were permanently exhibited at the Círcolo del Liceo, an exclusive club associated with the city's opera house.

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