Marco Tulio ESPINOSA, 1966 ✿

Marco Tulio Espinosa is a Colombian artist born in Medellin, Colombia in 1966. Marco Tulio is A classic Renaissance painter who paints the magical realism of this century.

Certainly his talents must be innate as this prodigal child had his first exhibit at the age of eleven. His father, abstract artist, Guillermo Espinosa instilled in him an appreciation of color but Marco practiced, refined, and has perfected his classically inspired scenes.
His human figures are the modernized version of the Classical figure; meanwhile, he adds elements of surrealism, and plays up color and texture to make each piece seem so impossibly real! Beyond the chiseled bodies and near-to-perfect, idealized human figures, he pays homage to his South American culture providing elements of mythology and mystical imagery that is unique to a Marco Tulio painting. An increasing admiration for his figures is largely due to the rich color and texture he paints; he makes the image on the one-dimensional canvas appear tangible and three-dimensional.

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