Giuseppe DE SANCTIS (1858-1954) ✿

Giuseppe De Sanctis (Naples, 21 June 1858 – Naples, 18 June 1924) was an Italian painter, mainly of portraits and urban landscapes. His father Cesare, a friend and admirer of Giuseppe Verdi, wanted to call him Giuseppe in honor of the great musician who baptized him.
Potrei andare avanti all'infinito
perché per me
la poesia
è un canto lirico
senza fine...

~ Catherine La Rose© ~

Encouraged by his father, he enrolled at the Institute of Fine Arts in Naples and was a pupil of Domenico Morelli, Filippo Palizzi and Gioacchino Toma. De Sanctis was in London and Paris where he was a pupil of Gèrome and Bouveret and painted for the House of Goupil.
This experience of studying and working abroad seems however confirmed by the style and subjects of many paintings that he created throughout his career, by his participation in the Parisian Salons of 1890 and 1899 and by his assiduity at the exhibitions of the main European cities.
He participated in the Neapolitan Promoters from 1882 to 1917. He was an honorary professor of the Academies of Fine Arts of Naples and Urbino and taught engraving and etching at the Royal Institute of Fine Arts of Naples.

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