Angelo ASTI ✿

Angelo Asti (1847, Paris - 1903, Mantua) was an Italian-French portrait painter. He came from an Italian family, but mostly worked in Paris. Asti's work is an example of the commercialization of art. He painted hundreds of portraits of women with deep cleavages.

Around 1877, Asti emigrated to the United States and settled in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he found employment at a lithography company. It is not known whether Asti made lithographs himself or only provided templates.
In 1890 Asti returned to Europe and settled in Paris, where he studied the works of old masters while visiting the Louvre. He was awarded a high prize by the Salon de Paris. Some of his portraits of women have been transferred to various porcelain items.
At the English company Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd. his portraits of women appeared in the form of postcards. They were also used for advertising purposes, e.g. b. used in cigarette packaging.

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