Giacomo MORETTI, 1939 ✿

Giacomo Moretti (1939-) is an Italian painter born in Cava dei Tirreni in the province of Salerno Italy; for some years he lived in Naples where in 1971 he received, on the occasion of the First Neapolitan Biennial of Contemporary Painting, the diploma with a gold medal. He later moved to La Rochelle, France.

Giacomo Moretti has achieved great success among collectors, obtaining interesting prices. Moretti's artistic career is punctuated by two references: one refers to the masters of Neapolitan painting Antonio Mancini and Vincenzo Irolli, in the fast and dense brushstrokes, in the skilful material mixtures of bright, warm and lively tones, inserting himself among those artists who in the twentieth century are still linked to the romantic-naturalistic tradition of nineteenth-century matrix such as Giovanni Panza, Attilio Toro, Clemente Tafuri.

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