Antoine Jean Etienne (Tony) FAIVRE ✿

Antoine Jean Étienne named Tony FAIVRE (Besançon, 1830 - Paris, 1905) was a French painter. Faivre was a student at the Besançon drawing school and a friend of Giacomotti (1828-1909) whom he followed in Picot's studio in Paris.
Faivre was best known for his oil portraits, however, he began with watercolor, an area in which he excelled and worked in 1848 on lithographic portraits. Towards the end of the 1870s Faivre successfully turned to decoration and presented Fleurs at the Paris Salon of 1879 for a state-commissioned tapestry for the Beauvais factory, intended to decorate the grand staircase of Luxembourg.

Faivre exhibited regularly at Provincial Salons (Rouen, Dijon, Besançon among others…) and at the Galerie Georges Petit in Paris. He also exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1857 and until 1901, for more than forty years. In 1864, returning from a two-year journey through Russia and Italy, he was awarded a medal at the Salon for Colin-Maillard. During the commune, Tony Faivre, who belonged to a marching battalion, received the military medal for his good behavior during the bombardment of Bondy. The artist had the honor of a retrospective exhibition in Besançon in 1906, a year after his death.

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