Reza Rahimi LASKO, 1979 ✿

Reza Rahimi Lasko is an Iranian painter, was born in 1979 in Iran. At the age of 12, he started his official art studies. The most important encouragement came from his mother, who sent him to begin his professional education by Mr. Majid Arvari in 1997.

Rahimi established his gallery in 2011, followed by participation in group exhibitions and art fairs, including an exhibition at the Reza Abbasi Museum in 2012 and Hiva Gallery in 2010. In 2013 his work was presented in a solo exhibition at Golestan Gallery.

The Sound of Taar

In 2011-2012, his work reached the finalists in an international competition held by ARC, presenting his two paintings, Last Station and party, published in an art book. In 2014-2015 his paintings The Sound of Taar and Painting were awarded once more at the international ARC competition, followed by an exhibition at the MEAM museum in Barcelona, Spain, in 2015. Reza Rahimi Lasko is a Professor of Art at the Center for Visual Arts, University of Tehran.

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