Jean Alfred MARIOTON (1863-1903) ✿

Jean Alfred Marioton (Paris, 1863-1903) was a French painter and decorator. Marioton was born in Paris, the son of Jean Marioton and Catherine Magister. His father was a cook and his mother worked in a metal burnishing company. His two brothers, Claudius Marioton (1844) and Eugène Marioton (1857), were sculptors.
Alfred did not follow the career of his brothers, but chose painting and drawing, thus giving rise to a generation of artists. He then studied at the Académie Julian, where he was a pupil of Jean-Léon Gérôme, Ernest Meissonier, William Bouguereau and Tony Robert-Fleury.
Undoubtedly gifted for art, already in 1887 he won the second Prix de Rome for painting, and in 1895 he was awarded a scholarship for a trip. After completing his studies, Marioton began his career by regularly participating in the exhibitions of the Salon of French artists, in which he had already presented his works since 1887. He continued to exhibit until 1903, the year of his premature death. Since 1895, he had specialized, and had become very well known, in ceiling decorations.

Jean Alfred Marioton, Ulysses et Nausicaa, 1888

In 1899, in Paris, Marioton married Hélène de Zamacoïs, born in 1871 in Louveciennes, daughter of the painter Eduardo Zamacois y Zabala and sister of the scholar Miguel Zamacoïs. The couple had a son, Michel (1900-1959), a palethnologist, and a daughter, Catherine (1901-1995), who in 1927 married Marcel Chanson, a lawyer at the Paris Bar, and who became famous as an illustrator for fashion magazines.
Jean Alfred Marioton died forty in Paris, and was buried in the Père-Lachaise cemetery. The sale of her atelier took place in Paris in 1903. Marioton's widow, after a few years, remarried Gabriel Perney, the name under which she was buried in 1962 alongside her first husband, Jean Alfred Marioton.

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